As the mother of the bride, are you aware of your duties?

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As the mother of the bride, you are one of the most important guests at your daughter’s wedding. You are the person who raised her and the lady who taught her all about being a fabulous woman – so she definitely wants you to feel truly great throughout the entire big day.

What are your duties, though? What are some of the most important tasks you will have to run as the mother of the bride? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • At the ceremony, you will be seated in the front row and you will be the first one to leave the ceremony site. Also, you might have to walk your daughter down the aisle too. In some cultures, (such as the Jewish one), this is customary – but even if it isn’t, the bride has the right to ask her mom to be part of this moment, so be prepared to do it if she wants you to.
  • Furthermore, you are also expected to “lead” the receiving line (as you are the traditional host of the wedding). This task is very important when it comes to making guests feel really welcomed, so be amiable, smile and be a warm hostess.
  • At the reception, you should dance with the father of the bride and with the groom as well. Also, you might be expected to dance with other guests and members of the wedding party too (e.g. the Best Man may invite you to dance).
  • Last, but definitely not least, you are expected to be a great friend for your daughter. Be there to support her when the stress is too much, be there to share her happiness tears and be there to be proud of the amazing woman you have raised!

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