Can you play a modern song for your walk down the aisle?

Few other life moments are as emotional and unforgettable as your wedding processional. Of course, walking down the aisle will send shivers of nervousness down your spine and you definitely want this moment to be flawless – does this mean you have to stick to a classical song on the background, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.
• In short, no, you don’t have to play a traditional song for your wedding processional. Weddings are far less conventional these days, and most couples have the freedom to choose whatever song they like for the ceremony processional.
• However, if you are having your wedding in a place of worship, you should absolutely consult with your officiant first. No matter how modern, some churches, temples and other similar locations don’t allow for all types of music to be played inside – and this is the kind of thing you should definitely inquire about when creating your wedding ceremony playlist.
• Furthermore, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to the modern version of a song. If you are not particularly fond of its lyrics, you can always play an instrumental version of the same tune – it will feel a lot more timeless and elegant.
• In the end, though, remember that this is your wedding and you are allowed to do whatever you want. Your smile and the happiness of the person you are marrying matter more than anything else!

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Photo source: tashmahal

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