Create a gorgeous wedding bouquet by following these trends of 2016!

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Your bouquet is one of the most important accessories you will wear on your wedding day – so it should suit your style and your personality as well. How to do that? What are some of the most important bridal bouquet trends of 2016 to inspire you? Read on and find out more.

  • Going local. Buying local and seasonal flowers for your wedding is a truly amazing idea – and not just for the bouquet, but for the entirety of the floral décor too. This will add a very personal touch to your wedding, it will ensure you that your florals are fresh and beautiful for the Big Day and it can also save you tons of money too.
  • Going green. Adding a lot of greenery to bouquets and flower arrangements has been a huge trend this year – so you might consider it too. What’s more, you can create bouquets and arrangements entirely out of greenery too! Not only will this add a unique, vibrant touch to your wedding, but it can also be a much more environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly idea too.
  • Going vintage. We’re all in love with vintage touches – but did you know you can bring them into your wedding florals too? Old-school flowers (such as dahlias and chrysanthemums) can look gorgeous even if your wedding itself is not centered on a vintage theme. What’s more, you can also wrap your bouquet in a rich, vintage fabric to make it look even more beautiful.

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