Every moment within your wedding should have a great song

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They say music can go beyond language barriers. It can reach your soul and your very foundation as a human being. Ultimately, music can change your mood, your spirit and it can even change your outlook on life. Under these circumstances, it is perfectly understandable why it is so important to have truly amazing music at your wedding. How to choose the best songs for the best wedding moments? Read on and find out more.



  • At the ceremony, you have the choice of playing classical music or modern music – whichever suits you best. Start off on a sweet note with songs like Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and move on to the processional songs. They should be romantic and mellow, but they can be more modern too. From the classical Pachabel “Canon” to Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years”, there are a lot of wonderful songs perfect for the occasion. As for the recessional, it is recommended that you pick something more uplifting (e.g. Vivaldi’s “Spring” or Coldplay’s “Paradise”).
  • During the reception, you will have a lot of moments accompanied by music. However, the First Dance is by far the single most important one! Choose a song that genuinely represents you and your relationship so that you create a magical moment! Some suggestions include Etta James’s “At Last”, Michael Buble’s “Everything” and Jerome Kern’s “The Way You Look Tonight”.
  • Whatever songs you may choose for your wedding day’s big moments, it is of the highest importance that you listen, re-listen and re-re-listen to them! Make sure the meaning and the lyrics are truly appropriate for a wedding and, if in doubt, be sure to check with other people’s opinions as well. The last thing you want is to play a song that’s completely inadequate for the beauty of a wedding!



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