Every wedding deserves awesome dance moves

Truth be told, we’re not all born to be natural great dancers. In fact, most people feel like they have two left feet when on the dance floor – and it is perfectly OK to feel like this, especially if you have never actually learned any actual dance moves.

What are the ones you should definitely learn for your Big Day, though? We have gathered some that are guaranteed to make you feel great – and pack the dance floor too. Read on and find out more.

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  • Salsa. Latino rhythms will always be sexy and romantic – and if you want to play a couple of them at your wedding, you should at least be able to pull off a little bit of basic salsa. Yes, it will most likely feel a bit confusing at first. But, as you rehearse and learn, you will see that this step is far less complicated than it seems from afar.
  • The Hustle. Ever wondered how all those group line dances “work”? The Hustle, also known as the Electric Slide, is the answer for the vast majority of them (except for some that have their own choreography – such as La Macarena, for example). It does take a bit of practice to master this dance move, but it will be more than worth it!
  • Box step. You will definitely want to play a handful of slow songs at your wedding (including for your first dance and father/daughter dance, of course!). The basic box step is a life-savior when it comes to these songs, precisely because it really works with all of them. Add a spin to the mix and your guests will love it!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Fire At Will [Photography]

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