Have you found a theme for your wedding? Consider going rustic country!

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While you can definitely have a great wedding without a particular wedding theme, the truth is that choosing a theme for the Big Day can be more than helpful – precisely because it will help you bring together all the event’s elements in a harmonious way.

If you haven’t yet decided on a wedding theme, consider going rustic country. These weddings are extremely popular and they are the perfect blend between “casual” and “elegant”. Here are some ideas you could incorporate into your rustic wedding:

  • Horse-inspired invitations. Show off your theme right from the very beginning by creating rustic wedding invitations with horse and horseshoe motifs incorporated into the design. These invitations will look absolutely lovely – and they will definitely make your guests curious to see more!
  • Mason Jar arrangements. Flowers are a huge part in any wedding – so creating rustic-looking flower arrangements will add a lot to your wedding. We suggest Mason Jar arrangements made with wild flowers – they are adorable and full of energy, so they will surely complement your wedding style.
  • Bottled beer and water for the cocktail hour. If you want to skip the fancy cocktails, but you still want to have a cocktail hour in between the ceremony and the reception, go for beer, water and soda. Put them all in a large container (e.g. a wooden barrel or an old boat), add plenty of ice and invite your guests to grab a bottle while you shoot your wedding pictures.
  • Twigs and fairy lights. Want to make your wedding reception look really beautiful and country-chic? Decorate it with fairy lights and lanterns made out of twigs. It will look absolutely amazing!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ citylove22

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