It is important that your wedding entertainment is planned to perfection

Your wedding entertainment is highly important for the success of your Big Day. After all, you want the guests you have invited to have a genuinely great time while celebrating with you, so that they create wonderful, unforgettable memories they will always associate with you and your love story.

How do you plan great entertainment, though? Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding entertainment to absolute perfection:

Memory Maker DJs

  • Communication is key – and not just in your relationship with your loved one, but in the relationship you build with your wedding DJ too. No matter how experienced, talented and devoted a wedding DJ may be, he will never, ever be able to read minds – and this is why it’s highly important to properly communicate with him.
  • If you don’t live in the same area as your DJ (e.g. you are planning a destination wedding), you should still do everything in your power to communicate with him – and more than just through emails. Have some Skype calls with your DJ and talk about your main wedding day music concerns. It will help you plan everything in a more organized way, and it will also help you establish a real relationship with your DJ.
  • Don’t forget to tell him about your favorite songs and the ones you really want him to play at the wedding (and at which moments, if that is the case). Also, tell him about the songs you really can’t stand, so that he avoids them altogether.

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