These Wedding Dance Songs Are Very Unique

You and your loved one are truly special – both as individuals and as a couple as well. Therefore, your very own love story is unique in its own way – and it deserves to have a First Dance that truly mirrors its originality and magic.

What are some of the most unique wedding dance songs you can “borrow” for your Big Day knowing for certain they haven’t been used and overused before? We have some suggestions – so read on if you need inspiration.

• John Legend’s Stay With You. Everyone knows All of Me – but if you’re tired of hearing this song everywhere you turn and still want to listen to the smooth voice of one of the best contemporary male singers, Stay With You is precisely what you need. Same beautiful sound, same amazing voice and a powerful message of love on top of everything!
• The Rolling Stones’ She’s a Rainbow. Want your First Dance to be utterly unconventional? Here’s your chance, then! If you don’t know the song, give it a listen and we guarantee you will love its original tune and beautiful message. Perfect for your Big Day, especially if you’re into rock music!
• Otis Reading’s That’s How Strong My Love Is. Your love is, indeed, very strong – and it deserves a song with the same amount of power and beauty to it. Give Otis Reading a listen and you will fall in love with this tune. Even more, your very guests will fall in love with the special moment you have prepared as well!

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Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

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