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There’s nothing better than a good wedding – and there’s nothing more you want, other than making sure your guests remember your Big Day as one of the best ones they’ve ever attended. How to keep the fun levels up, the unique way? We have gathered some ideas for you – so, if you are still searching for wedding entertainment inspiration, be sure to read on and find out more.

  • Good music. Truth be told, music is the very foundation of a successful event – so make sure you infuse your playlist with everything you believe in. Walk down the aisle on the most non-traditional song, have your First Dance on rock music, and make sure to create musical/dancing moments your guests will feel actually invested in (e.g. a flash mob could be a great choice).
  • Special foods. If you want to have an elegant seated dinner, go ahead – but be sure to add a little extra something into the mix. DIY doughnut bars, mini gourmet burgers, pizza deliveries at midnight, food trucks, ice cream, unique desserts – these days, everything is possible, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity and create a menu your guests will actually love.
  • A touch of your own personality. Big fans of the Lord of the Rings? Add a bit of this to your wedding day by engraving the back of your wedding rings. Are you the kind of couple who likes a good action movie? Add a helicopter message to your ceremony, right before you start walking down the aisle. As mentioned before, everything is possible nowadays, so use your own personality and the things you love to make your wedding truly stand out from the crowd (and keep the “crowd” entertained as well).








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Photo source: flickr.com/ NicoleAbalde

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