Your wedding reception should be fun! Here are some tips to make sure your guests have a great time:


Your wedding is one of the happiest events in your life – so you will surely want your guests to feel amazing while celebrating with you. However, how do you make your wedding truly unique and really fun too?

We have gathered some tips to help you precisely with that – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • DIY bars. Sure, providing the guests with delicious foods is a great idea. But add a DIY bar (for hot drinks, sandwiches or anything else you may think of) and you will make your wedding food not only delicious, but entertaining too.
  • DIY candy bars. If you want to make the entire night sweeter, provide your guests with a DIY candy bar. Also, give them some small personalized bags, so that guests can take home some of the treats. Include your favorite candy and cookies and, if you want to make everything more suitable to your wedding, choose treats that are colored the same as your wedding color scheme.
  • Fun first dance. Having a fun first dance doesn’t mean that it will lose its romantic touch – on the contrary. For example, you could have a really slow and romantic dance for the first part of the moment and then add a more modern, energetic twist to surprise your guests.
  • Surprise them. A fireworks show, a special entertainer or some surprise photo booth props to spice things up will be more than appreciated. Furthermore, if you have children invited at the wedding, make sure to surprise them (and their parents) with some fun games and activities suitable for their age.
  • A great DJ and a brilliant playlist. Music can be extremely powerful, so pay attention to how you choose your DJ and your playlist. Make sure you and your DJ are on the same page and make sure your playlist reflects a wide range of tastes and genres – so that everyone is happy with your wedding music.

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Photo source: RobBixbyPhotography

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