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All weddings are highly emotional and beautiful – and yours will make no exception, especially given the grandeur and importance this moment has in your life. What can you do to make your wedding more fun though? What are some non-dancing outdoor wedding ideas that will bring a huge smile on people’s faces? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Apple-bobbing. This traditional Halloween game is bound to attract people like nothing else can. Perfect for a fall wedding, apple-bobbing will mean a lot of fun for your guests – and they will definitely remember your wedding for this amazingly entertaining idea.
  • Limbo. This fun game is perfect both for indoor and for outdoor weddings – so it can be easily incorporated into a late fall or winter event too. It’s a fun, danceable idea people will simply love engaging in – and it can make for some pretty amusing photos too!
  • Making cocktails. This unique idea will have people queuing up in front of the cocktail bar! Allow your guests’ creativity to roam free and offer a prize for the best-tasting and best-looking cocktail made by them! They will have so much fun mixing and matching the perfect cocktail ingredients!
  • Twister. You may see as another classic party game – but why wouldn’t it be suitable for a wedding too, especially if it’s less formal? Bring in a Twister game at your wedding and guests will surely love it!
  • Coconut shy. Considering fete-inspired weddings are all the rage now, why not incorporate a fete-like game into your Big Day too? If you want to make your game more wedding-themed, why not “dress” your coconuts as brides and grooms? It will put a huge smile on your guests’ faces!

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