Allow your wedding guests to enjoy the dance floor by incorporating these top songs into your playlist

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There’s nothing like good music to lift up the spirits and make people feel great – and this is one of the main reasons most brides and grooms want their Big Day to be filled with the sounds of music that’s energizing and truly fun.

What are some of the songs you might want to incorporate into your wedding day playlist? What has 2016 got to offer for your wedding entertainment? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Taylor Swift – New Romantics. Love her or hate her, Taylor knows how to make a good song – and this one has been more than popular in the tops in 2016. Include it in your playlist and people will not be able to resist dancing to it when it is played.
  • DNCE  – Cake by the Ocean. This song is fun and really energizing, so it can also make for a great addition to your playlist. Include it if you want to attract people to the dance floor for a truly fun night.
  • Jesse Gynne – Hold My Hand. A lovely and romantic song with an uplifting sound is hard to find – and a great song that meets both of the characteristics can be even tougher to find. Yet, Jesse Glynne’s song does manage to be energizing and romantic at the same time – so it will make for a perfect addition to your playlist too.
  • Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance. The title of this song pretty much says it all. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we guarantee you will love it – and even more than that, you will also want to include it in your playlist.

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Photo source: Sam T (samm4mrox)

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