Create your wedding playlist with ease

Music makes the world go round – and this is precisely why you will always want to be genuinely happy with the songs played at their wedding. How do you create an actual playlist, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Must’s. These are the songs your DJ will have to include in your playlist, one way or another. Most of these tunes will be related to the special wedding moments (such as the first dance, for example). Others, however, will simply be songs you and your loved one want to listen to at your big day.
• Play if Possible. We also recommend you to include a short list of songs that might make you or some of your guests happy, but aren’t completely necessary. Include here the songs you can live without, but which would be nice to dance to at your wedding.
• Don’t play. We all have our pet peeves when it comes to music – and if you have certain songs you absolutely don’t want to hear at your wedding, you should definitely make a list and give it to your DJ. No matter how experienced or talented he may be, this is simply one of those things he’ll never guess about your taste.
• Play on the background. This is the music that will run in the background during the moments before the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, and during the meal. Choose nice songs, but nothing too high-energy (this is music your DJ will play for ambiance, not necessarily dancing).

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Photo source: Anderson Mancini

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