First Dance Song DON’Ts to Remember

If you are like most couples getting married, you want this huge event to be sprinkled with truly candid, sentimental moments everyone will always remember – especially you. Of course, your First Dance is one of the most important such moments – but what are the mistakes you should absolutely avoid when planning the perfect First Dance? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Being spontaneous about this. Of course, it might turn out amazingly well – but if you rush things up, you risk dancing your First Dance to a song that’s not only unsuitable for you as a couple, but downright wrong for a wedding. Many times, not listening to songs carefully and not reading their lyrics separately can end up in complete disasters – so, unless you want to leave this to your DJ and make it a surprise for everyone (you included), don’t decide on a First Dance song before you know very well what it is about.
• Being too trendy. Following wedding trends is more than fine if that’s what you want to – but your First Dance song should be personal and unique, not something that’s played at every wedding of the season. Leave trends to wedding colors and bridesmaids’ dresses and focus on picking a First Dance song that really represents you!
• Not thinking about the dance itself. We’re more than certain there are a lot of amazing songs that would fit your wedding and love story. However, it is very important that you choose one you know you can dance to as well. Slow or very energizing, your First Dance song needs to be easy to dance to even if you don’t have much dancing experience!

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