Incorporating group dances into your big day

Group dances are fun and full of energy – but, by now, pretty much everyone’s tired by bridesmaids’ flashmobs and the Penguin Dance. How to incorporate unique group dances into your big day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Groomsmen’s dance. Bridesmaids seem to be taking center stage when it comes to dances, but that doesn’t mean groomsmen cannot actually pull off a really fun group dance. This would be a wonderful way to surprise the bride and add a bit of originality to the big day.
• Ethnic dance. Does either one of you come from a different ethnic or national background? Honor each other’s ancestry by organizing a traditional group dance (similar to a Jewish hora, for example). Not only will this energize everyone at the wedding, but it will be a wonderful opportunity show off how proud you are of your ancestry and how you plan on building your marriage from hereon.
• Wedding entrance dance. Want to make a really unforgettable entrance at your wedding? Play your favorite song and enter as if this is your show! Don’t forget to include your wedding party in this too – it will add up to the energy levels and make the dance feel like a really entertaining piece. Also, if you feel you need something even more unconventional, make this your wedding processional song – it will be a genuinely memorable way to walk down the aisle, so your guests will absolutely love it.

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Photo source: the_matt

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