Proposing is such an exciting event, make sure you are ready by taking a look at these tips:

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You don’t get to say “Will you marry me?” every day – so you definitely want to make this moment really special. Are you truly ready to pop the big question, though? Here are some of the signs to help you know if you are completely ready to take it to the next level:

  • You are very honest with each other. You can talk to each other about anything – from finances to the latest movie you saw at the cinema. You communicate with each other and you understand each other even when you are not of the same opinion. You are open and you can share your thoughts to each other.
  • You have discussed this moment. One way or another, you or your partner have dropped hints about this moment. You have had “when we get married” discussions and you may have talked about having kids too (although it is completely fine if you haven’t established how many you want, for example). You and your partner expect to get married one day.
  • You know your soul mate will say “yes”. But maybe even more than that, you know your loved one will say “yes” not because this would be a quick fix to your relationship, but because both of you want to share your lives with one another.
  • You have hit an important moment in your life. If you got promoted, found a dream job, got a raise or reached any other important milestone in your life (or if your partner did it), a proposal will come quite natural. A lot of couples want to get married when they have a certain level of financial security or when they know they have reached an important stage in their lives, so both you and your partner will probably visualize an upcoming wedding once you have made a big step in your lives.

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