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You will want every single guest at your wedding to leave home with a huge grin on their face. You will want all of these amazing people to really have fun while celebrating your Big Day. And you will want them to create beautiful memories regardless of how young or old they may be!

How to choose the best songs for all the age groups present at your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more and plan a wedding playlist that’s truly great for everyone:

  • We will always advise our clients to choose songs that are genuinely meaningful for them. However, if you want a very modern song and your family is stricter about this – and if you want to make sure they’re just as happy with the Big Day as you are – you can always find a solution. For example, you could have a classical piece played in a modern way or you could have a modern song played by an instrumental band.
  • Listen to the lyrics – and do it more than carefully. Some songs are simply inappropriate for a wedding, especially considering your grandparents will be there. You may like Kanye’s new tune, but it’s quite probable that your grandma will not share your taste in music. Plus, remember that there are a lot of kids at the wedding too – and some songs are completely inadequate for them.
  • Talk to your DJ. He knows very well what kinds of songs people like and how to mix music for a varied audience. He knows how to mix your favorite Queen Bey songs with Duran Duran and Roxette and he knows how to sprinkle a little B.B. King and Elvis into the playlist as well. Just make sure your DJ is very clear on what songs you absolutely want in the playlist – and on what songs you really don’t want to hear at your wedding.

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