Top send-off ideas for your big day

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As the bride and groom, you want every single detail of your wedding day to be absolutely flawless. Every second matters – from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you say “I Do”. Obviously, your send-off is very important too – but how can you make it feel more unique and unforgettable? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need inspiration.

  • Flowers and flower petals are very popular – and not without reason. These “tossing materials” can create a more romantic atmosphere at your wedding. Plus, they are absolutely ideal for a spring wedding (especially if you want to infuse the event with the beauty of the season outside too).
  • Dried herbs can be a great choice as well. For example, dried lavender flowers are very pretty and they are extremely fragranced as well, so they will add a special touch to your wedding send-off. Use them for a summer event and they will work like wonders!
  • Planning a fall wedding? What could be more appropriate for this type of event, other than dried leaves? They will work fantastically well with the season and landscape outside, and they will be unique as well.
  • As for winter brides, if you want to take inspiration from the beauty of the season, think of glamorous replacements for the traditional tossing rice. For example, glitter, sparklers, and many other similar party props can be used for your wedding send off if you want to add just a bit of glitz to this special moment.

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