Why DIY Wedding Music Is Not a Good Idea

DIY weddings are very in right now – not for just a couple of reasons. Of course, there are a lot of amazing benefits that come with a DIY wedding – the most important one being that you will coordinate the entire wedding with your true likes, passions, and personalities.

Is DIY wedding music a good idea, though? We have some tips to help you decide on this – so read on and find out more.

• The main reason not go the DIY route with your wedding music is actually simple: a lot of things can go wrong. Your playlist could break. Your equipment may not be good enough for your venue. You may not have enough time to plan a playlist from head to finish. You will need someone to handle the volume throughout the day (e.g. you will just want a bit of music on the background during the speeches, but you will want louder music when you dance).
• Hiring a professional wedding DJ will ensure a killer party – the kind of wedding that provides everyone with the relaxation and entertainment they need. A DJ will know how to mix the best songs, how to listen to the audience and how to make sure the equipment and volume are in perfect condition.
• Remember, just because you are hiring your DJ, it doesn’t mean you cannot suggest songs to play and songs not to play. Most wedding DJs actually appreciate it when clients communicate with them and let them know of the “do’s” and “don’ts”!

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