Will you be incorporating these music traditions into your wedding?

Few things are as tightly connected to weddings as music is. Deep or simply fun, music can change the entire atmosphere at your wedding, touching the souls of your guests, making them create wonderful memories, and emerging them with pure hope and beauty.

In fact, music is so important that many of the most popular wedding traditions are associated with it. What are these musical moments, though – and even more importantly, will you be incorporating them?

Here are some tips worth keeping in mind:

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  • The grand entrance. The moment you enter your reception room will most likely be associated by a special announcement and a song of your choice. You can also choose to have a special song for your Wedding Party entrance too – but it is not always expected to do so.
  • The cake cutting. This special moment can happen either before, or after the dinner (depending on whether you want to serve it as dessert or to pack it away for your guests). This moment is great for a love song or even an upbeat song, or even the perfect time to add in a song that you really enjoy, but you aren’t sure of the best time to incorporate it into your reception.
  • The first dance and the other special dances. Once the dinner is over, the couple is expected to “open” the dance floor with a special moment (usually connected to a very emotional and meaningful song for them as a couple). When this moment is completed, the couple may choose to have a father/daughter, mother/son or even Bridal Party dance too.
  • The garter and bouquet toss. Of all wedding traditions, these two are probably the easiest to dispense of. In some situations, they can be really fun – but if they don’t attract you, then you are more than free not to include them in the Big Day.

Memory Maker DJs can help you play the best songs for all of these unique wedding highlights – so contact us as soon as possible and allow us to be part of the Big Day!


Photo source: flickr.com/ phot0geek

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