Be creative with your wedding exit!

Memory Maker DJs

Your wedding exit should be your grand finale – the walk into the sunset and the romantic Le Fin of your beautiful Big Day. It should also be a jumpstart into your life as husband and wife too: full of hope, energy, cheers and laughter.

How to make for a truly creative wedding exit? We have some options for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • The vintage car. Although this has been highly popular in the last few years (especially with the rise of the Great Gatsby and vintage-themed weddings), it can still be a very unique choice. It all lies in the car you choose and in how elegantly you choose to use it as your getaway vehicle.
  • The bicycle. For couples who are offbeat, whimsical and eco-conscious, getting away on a bike can feel like a truly natural choice. So, decorate yours in a pretty way and start pedaling your way to marriage and happiness!
  • The Vespa. Planning a romantic European-inspired wedding? Get away on a Vespa, then! Pretty, cute and more than unique, this motorized version of a bicycle can get a good bunch of smiles from your guests.
  • The subway. If you want to have a beautiful urban wedding, getting away by subway is a really great way of sending a powerful message: your love is not about the price tag, but about being together, wherever that may be. Moreover, the subway is a really great choice if you want some really unique getaway pictures too!

Memory Maker DJs here in Troy, Michigan can help you make your Big Day more than unforgettable: we can make it the best wedding your guests have ever been to. Contact us, find out more about our services and allow us to be part of your love story! We guarantee it will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Photo source: gabriella.wilson

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