Wedding dress details will help you stand out as the bride on your big day!



Your wedding dress is not just another outfit – it is the gown you want to wear on one of the most important and memorable days of your life. It is only natural then that you want it to be perfect from all points of view.

What are some wedding dress details that will help you truly stand out as the bride on your big day? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Handmade lace. There’s nothing to compare with the delicacy and femininity of a dress made from handcrafted lace. Same on both sides and visibly intricate in a very natural and beautiful way, “real lace” has the power to change a simple dress’ appeal like nothing else can.
  • Perfect seams. Of course, all wedding dresses (and all good dresses in general) are sewn in a way that makes them durable and good-looking. But sometimes, seams can go to such large extents as to completely change a bride’s appearance in them. Look for a dress with symmetrical seams that celebrate your womanly curves if you want to feel like the sexiest and most gorgeous woman ever.
  • Stunning drapes. Pulling off a draped dress can be quite difficult if you haven’t found the right one just yet – especially since sometimes, the drapes can make the gown look completely shapeless instead of beautifully “flowy”. We suggest you pay extra attention to the fabric the dress is made of – some of them may be too soft for drapes, while others may be too heavy. Silk tulle is, for example, one of the best fabrics used in draped dresses.

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Photo source:  MsSaraKelly

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