Be creative with your wedding favor packaging!

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Your guests deserve your attention – especially since most of them have taken off their time to come and be there for you on such an important occasion. Thus, putting a bit of effort into how you offer your wedding favors can be a nice surprise for all these wonderful people.

How to be creative with your wedding favor packaging? We have gathered some unique ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Mini picnic baskets. If you want your wedding favors to look adorable and pretty, picnic baskets are a really beautiful option for your packaging. Fill them with sweets, small tokens of your gratitude and maybe a short note saying “Thank You” on top. It will definitely bring a smile on everyone’s faces!
  • Glass jars. These ones have been around for quite some time – but we cannot stop loving them, really. There’s an almost endless list of possibilities when it comes to glass jars – such as filling them with homemade jam or with natural honey, with cookie ingredients or even with delicious mousse-based desserts. Place a pretty sign with a cute message on top of each jar (or wrap it) and let your guests enjoy the favor!
  • Linen pouches. For a very unique touch, invest in simple linen drawstring pouches and a personalized stamp to use on each of them. Fill them with candy, coffee beans or whatever else you have prepared for your amazing wedding guests.  They will love it!

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Photo source: jazzylolo

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