Impress your guests with a memorable first dance

Your first dance should be absolutely memorable – and every single second of it should be magical. How to make sure you impress your guests with a first dance they’ve never seen before? We have some tips – so read on to find out more.

• Change into a different dress. Having a ceremony gown and a reception dress is quite common for brides (especially for those coming from certain cultures). Change into a new dress to add a bit of variety to your wedding day and to add a bit of a wow moment to your entrance – guests will absolutely love it.
• Go beyond music and dance. Make this your big moment – the time to shine. Incorporate elements that are uniquely you and that will always make your guests think of you and your wedding day. From foam and bubbles to having a light saber dance moment and even using props to make this a very special moment, you have plenty of options to choose from. Use your creativity and you will surely come up with some awesome ideas!
• Choose a song that’s totally you. Of course, you can settle on a song that’s plain and simple meaningful for you and your relationship. But how about having a custom song created and/or having your voiceover added to the recording? This will definitely blow everyone’s minds away – especially if it’s a song they really like.

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Photo source: The Geary’s

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