Wedding dances inspired by The Beatles

We all love The Beatles and their music – after all, they redefined the entire musical industry and their songs are still popular even today, decades after their release. How to incorporate a little bit of Beatles into your wedding dances, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

1. All You Need Is Love. Truly, there’s no other Beatles song catchier, more romantic, or more widely-spread than this. Everyone knows the lyrics and everyone loves the song – so why not play this during your wedding processional or recessional? It’s a really sweet choice indeed!
2. Norwegian Wood. Although it may not sound like a typical Beatles song, this is one of their most popular creations. It works amazingly well for the cocktail hour – just leave it playing on the background while guests have their drinks and mingle with each other. Great for creating a friendly, relaxing atmosphere before the reception!
3. And I Love Her. The best part about The Beatles is that most of their songs are simple – yet so cute, so meaningful and so amazingly beautiful! This particular tune falls into the same Beatles category – which is precisely why it’s really perfect for your First Dance. It’s going to be magical!
4. Here Comes the Sun. Looking for a sweet, mellow, romantic, yet very positive song for your Last Dance? This is IT! Such a great way of bidding farewell to your guests and walking off into your sunset!

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