Look gorgeous on your big day by accessorizing your wedding dress!

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Your wedding gown is more than important to you – but, if you want to truly shine, you should make sure you choose the right accessories too. How to do that? How to pick accessories that will emphasize your natural beauty and your wedding dress’ gorgeousness? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • Less will always be more. If you want to pull off an classic and timelessly elegant look, keep in mind that not to wear too many accessories or accessories that make your entire attire look like “too much”. Elegance comes with simple and effective accessories, so stick to this rule if you want to feel stunning on your wedding day.
  • It’s not just the earrings. Sure, wearing a beautiful pair of earrings is a great idea. But going beyond this can help you create a really unique look. A wedding belt, hair accessories, bracelets – they can all be beautifully incorporated in a bride’s wedding day attire, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see which types of accessories look best with your dress and with your personal style.
  • Remember the wedding veil. While it may not be mandatory that you wear a wedding veil, it can still be a beautiful addition to your look. Take your style, your wedding dress and your silhouette into consideration when choosing your wedding veil and you will look marvelous!
  • Keep the décolletage in mind. If you want your wedding day jewelry and accessory to complement your dress and not “overshadow” it, keep the décolletage in mind. For instance, a halter top dress might look a lot better without any kind of necklace, with just a pair of statement earrings and an elegant bracelet to accessorize it.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ jumfer

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