Make Your Wedding Special by Connecting It with a Musical Theme

Your wedding deserves to be absolutely unique – and the wedding theme you choose is more than important when it comes to this. How to make your wedding feel special by connecting it with a musical theme? Here are some wonderful tips to inspire you:

• Replace the old-school guest book with vinyl records – maybe even your favorite old-school albums. Ask guests to sign their names on these records instead of a traditional guest book and then use them to decorate your new home – they will look amazing, and they will definitely add a touch of sentimentalism to your house!
• Get a Victrola. This is perfect for those of you who want to have a vintage-inspired wedding. Of course, you won’t be able to play all of your wedding music using this old-school device, but you can sure play one or two songs with it – enough to set the mood and transport guests to another era.
• Design escort cards as festival passes. We all know it’s festival season – so why not steal a bit of inspiration from the awesomeness of the world’s biggest festivals by designing your escort cards to look like festival passes? Guests will love the originality of this idea!
• Offer harmonica wedding favors. There’s nothing more old-school, blues-y, or sweeter than the sound of a harmonica. Also perfect if you plan on having a vintage wedding, harmonica wedding favors are special, unforgettable and beautiful (plus, you can personalize them by engraving them with your names, monogram, or even a short quote you love). Everyone will appreciate this idea so much!

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Photo source: cogdogblog

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