Top Songs that Will Fill You with Hope for the Big Day

There’s nothing quite like music to go straight to one’s soul and fill them with emotion, grace, and beauty – and that might be one of the main reasons weddings and music are always so closely connected.

Of course, you want your wedding music to send out all the positive vibes in the world – but what are some of the best songs to inspire people to HOPE and BELIEVE in their future?

We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

• Brand New Sun, Jason Lyte. Well, the title of this song kind of says it all: it’s a tune that will embrace you with optimism and hope, the kind of song that makes you love everyone and everything and truly appreciate what future has in store for you. Play it for the dance party or for any of the special moments at your wedding – people will absolutely love it!
• Blackbird, The Beatles. Honestly, you could play any song created by The Beatles and it would be very hopeful and optimistic. This one, however, has a very unique twist to it – it’s not only about hope in itself, but about hope in the face of adversity and about having the power to sing when you are surrounded by darkness. A truly beautiful meaning behind these lyrics, right?
• Walking Light, Beck. Stunningly sang and beautifully written, this song goes straight to your heart in a second. It’s a very nice song to play for the wedding ceremony moments, for the First Dance, or for the Last Dance, and it can be a very nice song to play while people are simply seated and eating their dinner. If you don’t know the song yet, it’s more than worth giving it a good listen – you will LOVE it.
• Absolute Beginners, David Bowie. Without doubt one of the most revolutionary voices in the music industry, Bowie has a style that’s hard to mistake. This song is excellent for a wedding precisely because it has the positive vibes and the message couples love to send out: you are both starting on a new road together and although you’re new at this, you know you will prevail.

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