With These Tips, Your Guests Won’t Leave the Dance Floor

If you are like pretty much every other bride in the world, you want your Big Day to be a huge party. You want people to cry tears of joy when you say your wedding vows, you want to be excited for the upcoming Cutting of the Cake – and you want them to dance their hearts out, all night long.

How do you do that? How do you make your guests feel joyfully “glued” to the dance floor? We have some tips you will definitely appreciate – so read on and find out more.

• Play songs most people are likely to dance on. Michael Jackson, popular Top 40s, music from the 80s and 90s – this is the type of music that will always be popular at parties, regardless of whether they’re weddings, anniversaries or corporate events. If you want to play line dances, try to avoid the ultra-used ones (such as Macarena or the Chicken Dance, for example). There are plenty of other options out there – and people will love them.
• Mix in some late night snacks. A slice of pizza, some mini burgers, cute spoons filled with mac’n’cheese, lovely miniature grilled cheese sandwiches – these are comfort foods and late-night snacks everyone loves. Offer them to boost your guests’ morale and energy levels – they’ll be back on the dance floor for at least a couple more hours!
• Invest in a trustworthy DJ. Ask around, read reviews, and try to actually see your DJs at work. See how they deal with a diverse crowd and the types of songs they like to mix. Hear them talk to their audience and watch them entertain everyone. Knowing what to expect from your wedding DJ is crucial!

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